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Puerto Rican Pride

Puerto Rican Pride Fort Lauderdale celebrates the vibrant diversity and resilience of the Fort Lauderdale LGBTQ+ community and their allies. This festival showcases a rich blend of culture, history, and activism, uniting people from all walks of life to raise awareness, promote acceptance, and honor the contributions of South Florida’s LGBTQ+ individuals and our allies. Through a parade, special events, art show, a festival, and educational initiatives, Puerto Rican Pride Fort Lauderdale fosters a sense of belonging, empowers advocacy, and continues the ongoing journey towards equality and inclusion.


Inaugural event is forecasted for 2024, we are currently collecting names and emails from interested people from our community. We would like to form a committee of community members who would like to involve. Looking for experience event planners. Together we can build a vision, with solid plans, and a realistic budget. Communication and compatibility are crucial for a successful of this collaboration.


Please email Executive Director Ernie Yuen -

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