DJ Wendy Hunt

Before many on today’s dance floors were born, Wendy Hunt was turning out the tunes. Called the “Queen Mother” of DJ’s and perhaps the longest spinning DJ today, Hunt is in her 43rd year as a DJ, with a history of music ranging from Disco to current trending dance music. As a true music pioneer, she has always maintained a solid reputation for presenting the fresh and happy tunes to a welcoming dance floor. In fact, the sounds of Wendy Hunt helped turn Provincetown into a legendary gay party Mecca. The boys in P-Town have been hip to Wendy’s groove for years.

Wendy Hunt was born in California while spending her formative years in Massachusetts. It was during nursing school in the early 1970’s that Wendy became interested in becoming a DJ. “You have to have a passion for the music,” states Hunt. That life-long passion became public right there at the 1270 in Boston, where Wendy was given her first DJ gig. “I was bit by the bug while dancing to the jukebox at the 1270 (the twelve, to the frequenters)”, said Hunt. “Little did I know that moment would pave the road to a lifetime career.” As the years progressed, her influence on the music world grew. It was Hunt who was part of the production of the very first gay dance Sunday night at the popular club formerly known as a variety of names culminating in “Avalon” in Boston. As the Circuit grew, Wendy continued delighting the patrons of numerous major Circuit events, including Winter Party and White Party in Miami, White Party Palm Springs, Purple Party Dallas, Ascension Party Fire Island Pines and Valley of the Dolls in Dallas to name only a few. Wendy has entertained crowds from Honolulu to London and is occasionally found delighting the masses on RSVP cruises.
In 2000, Wendy was chosen to share credits on the Pride 2000 Centaur CD with fellow DJ Julian Marsh. The album today remains one of the best sellers on the Centaur label. In 2007, Wendy and DJ Warren Gluck united to produce White Party Miami’s signature album, also on Centaur. This CD was Centaur’s first release to appear on this new millennium’s popular music application, iTunes. In addition to gratifying thousands of hungry dancers with her delicious music and producing the occasional CD, Wendy was a part of the sales support team at Numark, a company that manufactures, distributes, and sells gear catering to all musicians from DJ’s to drummers in both in retail stores and online.

Yet, as other DJ’s go into retirement, Wendy is still “on the hunt” to find yet another dance floor, crowded with carefree and euphoric dancers, on which to put smiling, happy faces. The smiles, the dancing and the fun…EVERYONE knows its Wendy!

Appearing on the Swiss Navy Stage at Noon.